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March 9 , 2007 - San Diego, CA
MLB Industries, Inc. DBA Happy Heiny's, the maker of the #1 rated Cloth Pocket Diaper, today has announced that it has added a new and innovative design to their line of Happy Heiny's products.

After many months of trials and testing we are pleased to announce that we have solved the issue of tots removing their diapers due to the ease of use of the Aplix (velcro). We are now offering snaps on our pocket diapers in a unique design that accompanies both snaps and aplix (velcro). By combining both of these options parents still have the ease of use of the aplix (velcro) yet they now have the added strength of the snaps for their little strippers. The snaps do not have to be used unless they are needed.

Happy Heiny's are the only cloth diaper available with this new unique and innovative design.
These may be viewed at www.happyheinys.com.

"During our trials we went specifically to those parents who stated that they had to change diapering systems because their tots have enjoyed their new found ability of stripping. We are very pleased to announce that every single one of these customers who tried the new style Happy Heiny's with both snaps and aplix (velcro) are excited to be able to return to Happy Heiny's full time," said Linda Byerline, owner and designer of Happy Heiny's.

These are being offered at no additional charge to customers and are widely available through all of our retailers.

Happy Heiny's are sold in retail stores throughout the United States both online and in stores. They are also widely available across the world in most countries. For more information, please call 619-258-6867 or visit www.happyheinys.com or email linda@happyheinys.com.

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