Cloth Diaper Stuffins

Are you tired of purchasing absorbency boosters for your diapers that only work with one brand? No matter how well they may work, it can be frustrating to be limited to only part time usage. With our hemp Stuffins, you no longer have to compromise convenience for absorbency! Our Stuffins truly are the extreme in absorbency, packing a punch in 7 layers of hemp fleece in the core of your diaper. Our Stuffins are a two part system, one large contoured insert with a small pouch pocket to insert one of our ovals (one included with the insert). Additional ovals can be used as well to boost your baby’s wettest zones.

Our design allows for adjust-ability, slide your oval insert up to the top for little boys who will wet heavily in the front, more towards the middle for little girls who favor that wetness pattern. Stuffins are an incredibly trim insert, and our wide contour allows for a great fit in most pocket diapers, including one size pocket diapers. They are also perfect for folding in prefolds, laying behind fitted diapers, or laying on top of all in ones.

In short, they work just about anywhere you need them to, without compromising fit or the design of your existing diapers. When paired with our Happy Heiny microfiber inserts you create a two part insert system that allows for "quick" catching of urine, then the hard-working hemp behind it to really contain and slowly distribute wetness.

Linda’s Notes: Stuffins will look and feel too big for the diapers once initially received. They do need to be prewashed, 2-3 times to have them be "so so" ready for your diapers, 4-5 times to really become fully primed for use. They truly fo get better with age, and are durable enough to last through hundreds of washings.

Hemp with Extra Protection Microterry

Cloth Diaper Inserts / Doublers

When used with the small oval insert (included) you will have 7 layers of hemp fleece in the desired wet zone for your child. You can use as many ovals as you need in the pocket for added protection in the wet zone without increasing bulk through out the diaper. Stuffins™ may shrink 1/2-1 inch after full priming. The more you wash these Stuffins™, the better they get!!

Our specially manufactured microfiber terry inserts are made of 3 layers of soft and very absorbent microfiber. They are completely chemical free. Available in 10 packs or as singles. The small insert is 12 inches long and the med-large insert is 16 inches long and has been designed to fit perfectly in our pocket diapers. They are a contoured shape for the very best fit.