Micro-Mini Stages

Perfect for your precious preemie. These diapers are a true all-in-one so there is no guesswork for medical staff. These diapers use a very high quality hook and loop closure and go on just like a disposable.

in 3 stages
Stage 1: 1-3 lbs.
Stage 2: 2-4 lbs.
Stage 3: 3-6 lbs.

Each stage has enough absorbency for a baby of this size.

Peditrician Recommended

Since the layer closest to baby is made of our own super soft micro fleece, the only thing next to baby will be softness, not paper. There is less chance of skin break-down, diaper rashes, and increased breathing problems which in a NICU full of ventilated babies is a life and death issue.

These diapers use a very high quality hook and loop closure and they go on just like a disposable.

Our Micro Mini Stages were developed for several reasons. The most important is because when a baby is born prematurely 99% of the time at least one of the treatments needed will have an adverse affect that can harm the baby. For instance in our case, Sarah was saved by the ventilator and I am grateful that was available for her but she also has CLD-Chronic Lung Disease due to it.

Again, a little about Sarah, we were in and out of the hospital with severe breathing problems, so severe that she coded several times. As a mom we are willing to jump off every bridge possible to fix our babies so when a fellow preemie mom suggested I take her out of disposables and put her into cloth diapers I could not get to the store fast enough. Yes in the back of my mind I was thinking this is crazy, the butt and lungs really have nothing to do with each other and she had never had a diaper rash. Read more…..

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