Starter Kits

For many years we have had our customers asking us to develop a Starter Kit for Happy Heinys but we delayed doing this because we did not want to have the waste that a box would create.

Finally after a lot of trial and error we have developed our new Starter Kit that is 100% Reusable.

This is a great way for you to try Happy Heinys or to give a gift to a friend or family member without spending a lot of money.

Our Kits come with 3 One Size Diapers (snaps, hook & loop, and mini available upon request) 6 inserts, 3 small ones and 3 large ones (3xs and 3 small will arrive with mini), 5 Hemp washies, 1 4oz bottle of Heiny Wash, and the best part is it all arrives in a Reusable Wet Bag that is not only great for dirty diapers but also wet clothes and swimsuits.

The kits are available in Boy, Girl, and Neutral. The colors are as follows*:

Boy: Girl: Neutral:
Wet bag is Baby Blue
Diapers are: Baby Blue, Spring Green, and Royal Blue
Wet bag is Light Pink
Diapers are: Light Pink, Lavender, Violet
Wet bag is Butter
Diapers are: White, Periwinkle, Butter

*Some variations may occur