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Newborn ONEderful H/L
Newborn ONEderful H/L
Everything we ever wanted in a cloth diaper, the ONEderful combines simplicity of use with easy cleaning, poop removal and quick dry-ing. Made of our cotton with mock mesh (stay dry) upper. The ONEderful has a fully lined inner which prevents PUL from ever being directly up against your little one's skin. One flap of fabric with 2 sets of 2 layers (so 4 layers of absorbency) insures that your diaper has great absorbency while washing and drying quickly. We all hate misguided poop so the flap snaps to the back of the diaper allowing your baby's poop to plop perfectly in the toilet each time. The flap can then be unsnapped for quicker drying. Fits approximately 5-12lbs.
Price: $14.95
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